Issue 4
Vol. 44

A comparison of non-deterministic procedures for the adaptive assessment of knowledge
Cord Hockemeyer

The theory of knowledge spaces has been developed by Doignon and Falmagne as a basis for the adaptive assessment of knowledge. Since 1986, several procedures for deterministic and non-deterministic assessment have been developed. However, most research on non-deterministic assessment algorithms has been of theoretical kind. This paper presents first results of a simulation study comparing the performance of various non-deterministic procedures for adaptive assessment on empirical knowledge spaces. Criteria for the comparisons are the number of questions to be asked and the accuracy and robustness of the assessment procedure.

Key words: adaptive assessment, knowledge space theory, non-deterministic procedures

Cord Hockemeyer
Institut für Psychologie
Universitätsplatz 2/III
A-8010 Graz
E-mail: Cord.

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